We are the leading sports and lifestyle online retailer in Latin America and one of the largest online retailers in the region. We aim to deliver to our customers a convenient and intuitive online shopping experience across our two core brands, Netshoes and Zattini.

We operate in Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico. Core to our success has been a relentless focus on delivering a superior experience to our clients. We ambition to inspire and transform people’s way of living by connecting them to a more stylish and simple life with easier access to sport, lifestyle and well-being. As one of the first companies in Latin America to provide online retail offerings, we benefit from our early mover advantage, which has allowed us to capture what we believe is a significant market share and achieve a leadership position in a large addressable market.

Our Online Stores


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Netshoes - the most recognized online store in the region in sports and lifestyle, among both online and offline retailers.

Netshoes is the leading sporting goods retailer in the region. We are the one stop shop for consumers across sporting goods and active lifestyle products. Our website offers consumers a superior, personalized shopping experience, and features a user-friendly and intuitive interface designed to allow users to conveniently search for, find, compare and purchase sporting and active lifestyle goods.


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Zattini - focused on fashion and beauty, is quickly becoming a leading online store for these verticals in Brazil.

Launched in December 2014, Zattini is the fastest growing fashion and beauty site in Brazil. Our website offers consumers a superior and personalized shopping experience for fashion and beauty products such as shoes, clothes, accessories, fragrances and hair care products, and features a user-friendly and intuitive interface similar to our Netshoes sites.


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Shoestock – An Omni channel experience for shoes and accessories.