How we started and where to go

The first Step!

In 2000, our founders Marcio Kumruian and Hagop Chabab opened a physical shoe store in São Paulo, Brazil. In the next year, while remaining focused on our store, we began selling online. Already in 2003, we started collaborating with sports centers and gyms where customers could try our shoes and sporting equipment and then place a customized order of those products through our website..

Over the years, although our brick-and-mortar operations grew into nine vendor facilities by 2005, our experience led us to believe that ecommerce would represent a larger opportunity, providing customers with a greater up-to-date assortment of the most relevant brands and a larger selection of shoes and sporting equipment in all styles, sizes and colors. The great move that would change our future came in 2007 when we closed our retail stores and shifted our focus to ecommerce retail, an early move in the Brazilian market. That was the beginning of, our online store specialized in sports and active lifestyle goods.

Differentiating ourselves as a leading online consumer platform while delivering superior customer experience is what we aim. As a result, we keep on growing focused on the following mindset:


New products in attractive and profitable verticals…
In early 2008, together with our online store, we began to scale our knowledge by managing the online stores of professional soccer clubs and other sports brands in Brazil. Up to date, we manage 14 partner stores across Brazil, leveraging our logistics and technology infrastructure.

In December 2014, profiting from the success of Netshoes and our existing infrastructure, we enlarged our product verticals by launched Zattini, an online store originally designed to offer fashion beauty products to our Brazilian customers. In September 2018, we launched Free Lace, a website developed to connect our clients with the most sophisticated, exclusive and desirable sneakers from the most iconic brands, offering a superior and personalized shopping experience.

Increase monetization of our traffic with adjacent services…
On top of our solid online platform, we have begun to evaluate other ways to expand consumer experience and leverage our supplier relationships, technology and infrastructure. In February 2016, we launched our online third-party marketplace across all of our sites aiming to speed and increased product variety to clients.

In April 2016, we launched NCard, our co-branded credit card with a major Brazilian financial institution, which offers exclusive benefits to users and allows us to learn more about our customers’ habits as a result of their additional engagement with our sites.

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